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iFriends HD Advanced
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The Ultimate in HDTV Quality

The difference between the existing iFriends HD and the new iFriends HD Advanced is spectacular! Truer colors, smoother motion, and higher resolution.

Detail comparison:
iFriends HD iFriends HD
To view brief videoclips comparing the difference between the two standards, choose your connection speed below and click:

iFriends HD

Click image to see full-sized screen grab.

480p (DVD viewing quality)
720p (HD viewing quality)
  6.6 MB, 2.2mbps; right-click, select "Save target as."
iFriends HD Advanced
Click image to see full-sized screen grab.

480p (DVD viewing quality)
1080i (Maximum HD viewing quality)
  20.27 MB, 6.6mbps; right-click, select "Save target as"
The above footage is unretouched actual footage of a daytime outdoor scene. Video quality is 6mbps 720p. The iFriends HD experience contains twelve times as many pixels as the standard 320x240 webcam format, and streams at 10 times the standard webcam fps rate (frames per second), for a 120-fold quality improvement. By contrast, the iFriends HD Advanced experience contains 50% more pixels than iFriends HD, rendering a nearly 200-fold quality improvement. Not to mention it is interlaced for much improved motion and colors are truer due to new camera technology, which is evident even in the thumbnail images above.
More Sample Videos on iFriends HD:

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